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Industrial electronics since 1982

We offer a coherent package with Design – Prototype – Series Production – Stock Management – Product Lifecycle Support.

Electronic Development and Series Production

Are you looking for a reliable partner in development and manufacturing for your smart electronic product? Whatever your market specific challenges are, Interay Solutions’ multi-disciplinary team of engineers are experts in solving problems and creating innovative products that add value to your business. We aim to be your one-stop shop leveraging our state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facilities, efficient supply chain and life cycle management services, enabling you to keep focus on your expertise.

Trust us to solve your challenge, that’s what we’re good at!


With 25 years of experience we’re convinced a sustainable cooperation is based on partnership.

Efficient Processes

Our continues investments in facilities and our LEAN / 5S improvement brings a significant difference.

Added value

With 25 years legacy we are effectively able to take your challenge. Fully-fledged subsidiary in the successful NiVoGe Group.

IIoT Sensor & Control Products

Over time Interay Solutions has developed and produced a wide variety of sensor and control products for markets as industry, agriculture, civil and logistics. Increasingly our new developed products are connected to the internet, ranging from battery powered nodes that only transfer a few data points daily up to full remote monitoring and control applications. Check out our work to get an insight on what we have already done.

Trust us to solve your challenge, that’s what we’re good at!

Examples of our work

Tilt sensor

Records inclination to fractions of a milligon at 100Hz. Visualising subsidence, deformation, vibration and change in angle of all possible objects.



Facilitates world wide access to any PLC, Process computer, robot arm etc for easy remote access. It has no less than 4 LAN ports, WiFi as standard and a serial port plus 8 General Purpose In- and Output ports.

KOOI® ReachControl

A patented hydraulic flow sensor system. Including a compact battery powered flowmeter that can operate under 250Bar. Data is presented on a Android or iOS App. Using Bluetooth communication.

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